The One in New Orleans


Hi friends!! Has it been hot as heck where you are too?! Because it definitely hit 107 (!!!) last week, which was a perfect time for our pool motor to break and  turn the water green…  But even still, nothing was as hot as my recent sister weekend in New Orleans. That NOLA humidity is NO JOKE y’all. Especially when tropical storm Cindy blows into town.

But humidity, delayed planes, rain and blisters couldn’t stop these sisters from having a great weekend! We had been planning this getaway for awhile, ever since my sister texted me “we should take a trip somewhere neither of us have ever been before”. And y’all I can’t even begin to tell you happy that made my heart. I love that we both have some intense wanderlust and are also pretty easy to travel with! As far as travel partners go she’s definitely up there on the all-time-greatest list. And I’m SO excited for future sister weekends to come!!

Because of rain/humidity/my laziness, I didn’t take pictures of everything we did. But some of my favorite parts were just walking around the garden district and french quarter!! If you are visiting New Orleans, I HIGHLY recommend spending time walking around the various districts!! It feels otherworldly at times and is definitely worth the plane ticket alone. My other favorite moments were dinner at 3 Muses on Frenchman St. and then walking around the Frenchman Art Market (where we both bought some beautiful paintings), dinner at Commanders Palace, the most delicious brunch at Salon Restaurant by Sucre, and of course spending way too much money shopping on Magazine St.

We stayed at possibly my new favorite place I’ve ever stayed at on any vacation ever, Sully Mansion. Our room was AWESOME (though I didn’t take any pictures, sorry…) called The Esplanade Room! Melinda was the best host ever, and that porch?! I LOVED just sitting in one of those big ole chairs and reading. I still have dreams about it. But that’s not even the best part about it… the location!!! Y’all it’s in the heart of the garden district (the best ever), a block from the streetcar, a few blocks from Magazine St., one block from Commanders Palace and a huge cemetery, and a block from St. Charles! We could easily walk wherever we needed and that was a game changer (also we had the nicest Uber drivers out there… shout out to my girl Jen!) Gah, I just have nothing but positive things to say about this place.

To see more photos check out my photography portfolio at AND I’m excited to share that there are a few NOLA art prints for sale in my shop!

Also… this is my 150th blog post!!!!!!!!!! WHAT?! How crazy is that?! Thanks for coming along on this crazy adventure with me!! Love you to bits! Can’t wait to see what the next 150 look like 🙂


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