The One With 10 Ways To Cool Off This Summer


10 ways to cool off this summer

Sooooooooooooooooo it’s hot.

Hot here, hot there, hot everywhere.

Y’all LA is experiencing Texas sized temps and it is NOT what I was promised upon moving here. As I hunt down the liar that told me LA always has perfect weather, I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to cool off in the summer. Some of these come from those hot-hot-hot-but-not-a-care-in-the-world summer days of my youth and some come from the hot-hot-hot-but-we-are-in-a-drought-so-you-better-not-waste-any-water summer days of June 2015.

1. Watermelon 

Have a slice (or 12), eat some cubes, cut the watermelon in half and stick a straw in it, heck you can even throw a watermelon party*. Really there’s no wrong way to eat watermelon, which means there’s no excuse not to have any this summer.

*if you don’t like to add salt to your watermelon you are not invited

2. Popsicles popsicles popsicles 

Possibly my favorite thing about summer. I have been known to rock the DIY ice tray popsicle routine as well as drive all the way to a friend’s house with a popsicle in hand on more than one occasion.

 3. Indoor museum

It’s free, there’s AC, and there’s stuff to look at.

 4. Dance parties with flowy clothes

Probably sounds a little weird…but honestly the last thing anyone wants to wear in the summer are tight clothes amirite?! So enjoy the flow and get after that breeze!! No breeze happening in your neck of the woods? No problemo! Turn on the jams (and the fan) and you’re all set.

 5. Ocean/pool/lake day

This one’s pretty obvious…but I felt it still needed to be said. There have been quite a few days recently I have even considered dropping everything to run & take a dip in that ice box you people call the Pacific Ocean.

 6. Waterparks

I’m lookin’ at you Schlitterbahn.

 7. Freezing bottles of water (or really anything)

Have you ever tried it? It’s the bomb and will keep you cool for hours. Also this is where I really envy dogs. You can freeze all their toys in some water and they’ll just lick their little hearts out, stay cool, and still have an absolute blast. So if you are in the LA area this summer & see a crazy person licking a giant block of ice trying to get the prize inside, it’s me.

 8. Car wash

Like I said, some of these are from my younger days where driveways were a plenty and you could leave the hose on for hours without getting judgmental wasteful looks from your neighbors.

9. Outdoor movies (bonus points for one on the beach)

This is my JAM and one of the reasons I feel so in my element here in LA. Y’all there are so many places/times/$$/movie options available that it’s almost criminal not to enjoy at least one outdoor movie. I’ve already been down to Long Beach to watch Pirates of the Caribbean on the beach with a real live actual pirate ship sailing a few feet away (no big deal) and it was heavenly. And more importantly, free.

 10. Road trip somewhere cooler

Some may say this is the cheaters way out…but roadtrips are the best thing ever so I don’t even care. Maybe just direct your next road trip somewhere a little more north/less desert-y!!

What are some of your favorite ways to cool down??


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  • Reply Anna Carlson 07-09-2015 at 4:44 pm

    So proud of you Miss Katie! I love your voice, it comes out clear and energetic and most importantly, fun!

    • Reply Katie 07-10-2015 at 10:49 am

      Thank you!!! Learned from the best 😉 Hope you’re doing well!

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