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November 2013

  • That's Entertainment

    The One With Advice From Mr. Feeny

    “Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do good.” The final advice Mr. Feeny gave Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric and Boy Meets World fans of all ages. It’s the simplest advice, but perhaps some of the…

  • Little Things

    The One All About The Little Things

    This week has been a mix of ups and downs, employment and days at home, cooking actual healthy meals and eating leftovers. I finally got my car back (not without some extremely annoying details…

  • Random Ramblings

    The One With A Compliment

    It is one of the easiest and nicest things to do, and yet these days the art of giving a compliment has been lost.I mean, who doesn’t love getting a compliment? Who doesn’t love…

  • Little Things

    The One All About The Little Things

    SO excited to start this new weekly blog series! I got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Cupcakes and Cashmere. On the blog, Emily has a series called Five Things where she posts 5 pictures of things…