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May 2014

  • Little Things

    The One With May’s Little Things

    May may or may not have been a-may-zing. Too much? But really, it has been a great month. I’ve been getting into the groove of having a steady-normal-hours-job, which is new for my LA life. I have really…

  • Random Ramblings

    The One On A School Night

    Maybe it’s just me… But sometimes I feel bad if I stay out too late during the week. I also feel sneaky if I stay up too late watching TV during the week (I’m…

  • California

    The One At A Renaissance Faire

    Huzzah. Lots and lots of huzzahs. Going to a Renaissance Faire as you may recall was on my 20s project list, what you may not know is a large part of the reason why is because…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One About Collections

    Wanna know a secret? I absolutely love collecting things! I mean really. You are probably looking at a future hoarder. When I was younger I went through a pretty extensive phase where I collected calendars……

  • California

    The One With BBQ & A Boat

    …more specifically The Queen Mary. This past weekend I had planned some great big fun things that I’d been excited about all week, one of which included pancakes and firemen…aka two of my absolute…

  • People Places & Things

    The One Who Inspires Me

    I got it from my momma. (card by Rifle Paper Co.) But really. I got everything from my momma.My sense of humor.My undying love for candy, diet coke & bread.My obsession with HGTV &…

  • Random Ramblings

    The One With A Sunday Well Spent

    Recently I heard this quote and I think it’s brilliant…    “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.”  Now that I’ve started a job, my weeks have become more routine. Routine does…

  • Lunchtime

    The One With A Lunch Break

    Ahhh lunch breaks, I’ve got a love/hate relationship with those puppies. Lemme explain… Lunch breaks are different for everyone. Sometimes they are 30 minutes, 1 hour, or at your desk (aka the nonexistent lunch…

  • Lifestyle

    The One With A Spring To-Do List

    It’s not my favorite time of the year, but it’s darn near close. To me, spring means one thing… happiness. No matter how hard I might try and fight it some days, it is…