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July 2014

  • Links

    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 3)

    Just because it’s Tuesday and I know some of you are bored at work (see #4) and could use a few happy little pick-me-ups. Enjoy these links and SPREAD SOME HAPPINESS!! A happy little diddy…  Thanks…

  • Los Angeles

    The One In Downtown LA

    Ok y’all confession time. I LOVE DOWNTOWN LA. Like, really really love it. Is it sketchy as heck? Absolutely. Is there something beautiful & something disgusting on every corner? Definitely. Knowing this do I…

  • California

    The One With A Weekend In Big Bear

    Earthquakes & thunder & mini golf, OH MY! (…because who doesn’t love a forced Wizard of Oz reference, amiright?!) So I know 4th of July was awhile ago, but things have taken a turn…

  • Little Things

    The One With June’s Little Things

    Oh June, how I love thee. Whatta month y’all. First off, this weather (insert clapping emoji here). The valley hasn’t gotten too hot yet and June Gloom was definitely not as bad as it…