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September 2014

  • Random Ramblings

    The One With Surprises

    I’ve got some mixed feelings on this subject. Surprise! New dolls for Christmas!!! Surprise! Those handfuls of sand you just ate will give you diaper rash for a week!!! In fact I think I’m…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With Rainy Days And Thrift Stores

    Soooo it’s raining here in LA, and of course by raining I really just mean lightly sprinkling… but STILL.¬†This weather makes my heart so so happy. Of course when I actually noticed it was…

  • Little Things

    The One With August’s Little Things

    August, you were a fun one. Aaaaaaaaand a pretty busy one. I spent most every weekend either visiting new places or having people visit me. I worked on my doodling skills, skyped with Texas…