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March 2015

  • Little Things

    The One With March’s Little Things

    Well March, you were odd. Oddly busy, sickly, happy, and full (of awesomeness). March started off a little sad, as it’s half my family’s birthday month. It’s always sad being so far away from…

  • Calendars

    The One With Free Printable Calendars

    Just because it’s the middle of the month doesn’t mean you can’t start a new calendar! ……..right?! Like I mentioned last month in my printables post, I have been doodling up a storm lately. Sometime…

  • California

    The One At Sunset On The Salton Sea

    So after a pit stop at The Saguaro and an incredible time exploring Salvation Mountain, we ended the day with a picnic on the shore of the most beautiful place I think I have…