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August 2015

  • Lovely Latelys

    The One With Some Lovely Latelys

    Happy Monday my friends!! Hope y’all had a simply splendid weekend 🙂 Today I’m excited to share the first Lovely Latelys post in my Favorite Happy Things tab! From time to time I find that I have a handful of pictures…

  • Links

    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 6)

    Happy Friday my fantastically fun friends!! I hope you have a STELLAR weekend and do something fun just for the heck of it! Me? Oh I’ll be signing a LEASE on a HOUSE with…

  • USA

    The One With Some Colorado Hikes

    Alright y’all, to kick off August I thought I would recap part of a trip I took in June… Because that’s how long it takes to go through 1,765 photos. Don’t worry I didn’t…