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September 2015

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With A DIY Headboard

    Well hey there!! In case you did not read any one of my last 5 blog posts, I have moved into a house!!! Don’t worry, it’s a rental house because I’m 24 and how on earth…

  • Links

    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 7)

    Hello there friends 🙂 My intent for this blog has and will continue to be, a place of happiness. A happy little corner of the internet for friends, strangers, and myself. Unfortunately, I have been…

  • Little Things

    The One With August’s Little Things

    Wait, wait, wait, WAIT. You’re telling me summer is already over?! How is that even possible? Anyone else out there feel like summer was just getting started? Ahhhhhh! Oh well, good thing I LOVE fall…