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November 2015

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With A Friendsgiving

    As I have said before, many many times, Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday. I have always loved this day for its traditions, food and family time. But over the past few years…

  • Wallpapers

    The One With Some Wallpapers || 4 ||

    Y’all! My absolute favorite favorite FAVORITE holiday is just a week away!!!! Can you dig it?!?!? I’m pretty excited about this holiday (and have been all month long). I’m celebrating with a visit from…

  • Little Things

    The One With October’s Little Things

    Better late than never y’all but happy NOVEMBER!! (what?!) October was very very full. Every weekend/weekday was busy with something (which hopefully explains the lack of postings on my part) and it never slowed…