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December 2015

  • Wallpapers

    The One With Some Wallpapers || 5 ||

    Oh my goodness y’all, this is just absolutely the busiest time of year isn’t it?! Good think I love all things Christmas/Winter/December/Holiday related! 😉 In between Christmas adventures with friends, wrapping up at work,…

  • Los Angeles

    The One At Amoeba Records

    Have you ever walked into a store and felt completely out-of-place, overwhelmed, and like everyone was looking at you wondering what you could possibly be doing there? And have you ever walked into a store and felt…

  • Little Things

    The One With November’s Little Things

    Well y’all, the fact that I’m getting this post out well over a few days late, should be a pretty clear indicator that things have gotten CRAZY over here. But the good kind of crazy 🙂…