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January 2016

  • USA

    The One At Magnolia Market

    The hardest part about living in LA is hands down being so far away from my home in Texas. Although I live with all Texans and most of my friends out here happen to…

  • California

    The CHILL One At The Queen Mary

    Some people consider California “chill” (thank you Venice Beach) but Southern California isn’t exactly known for being chilly. Sure we may have Big Bear and plenty of other snow-y wonderlands a few hours outside…

  • Printables

    The One With a New Year’s Mantra

    As I have mentioned before, I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. It’s too much pressure and when it inevitably fails 2 weeks into January, I can’t help but feel the…

  • Calendars

    The One With A 2016 Calendar

    Happy brand spankin’ new year friends!!!! I don’t know about y’all… but I’ve only been back to work for 2 days and I’m already disorganized. Trips, dinners, adventures, babysitting, networking, visitors, birthdays, Harry Potter…

  • Little Things

    The One With December’s Little Things

    Ohhhh December, what a way to wrap up 2015!! This month was jam packed with adventures, holiday cheer, and colder weather in California than Texas. Yeah, you read that right… Y’all I just love…