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The One With April’s Little Things

Ok friends, let’s talk April. This month has been a turning point in my “LA career”! A few days into April I started a long term (6 months long term) temp job. I am a receptionist, which may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, and truthfully it isn’t. HOWEVER, this job is in a pretty important building on the lot which means I get to interact with some pretty important people every day. But what has impressed me most is not how high up these people are, but how kind they are. It’s both refreshing and encouraging to meet truly kind big-wigs, especially after hearing all those Hollywood horror stories. It has been just lovely coming in each morning and getting to work with some truly incredible people, no matter how small the job may seem. Sure, not everyone has bent over backwards to meet me or befriend me, but hey, that’s what the bowl of jellybeans on my desk is for 😉

{ See jellybeans!! Aka the quickest way to new co-workers hearts }

{ Oh you know, just your typical bunny you find mysteriously on your ROOF one morning… }
{ Nothin’ like a little Tuesday night Eric Hutchinson concert at the House of Blues to ease you into the week }

{ The only way to sweep a balcony is in the Easter socks your mamma sent you in the mail 🙂 }

{ This GIANT rubber-band ball gets more attention then the 1.5 million dollar painting that’s 2 feet away from it }

{ Easter service at the Hollywood Bowl, a pretty cool experience and a new LA tradition to add to the books }

{ Accidentally discovered a lovely little farmers market in Hollywood with a dear friend of mine }

{ Sometimes it takes chauffeuring a friend around all day to remember just how BEAUTIFUL your city really is }
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