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The One With August’s Little Things


Wait, wait, wait, WAIT. You’re telling me summer is already over?! How is that even possible? Anyone else out there feel like summer was just getting started? Ahhhhhh! Oh well, good thing I LOVE fall 😉 Just like July, things in August were CRAZY. I was either insanely busy or paralyzed from the heat preeeeetty much every day this month. Y’all the heat was no joke. I mean I know Texas prepared me for this but it. was. ROUGH. We were even sent emails at work about the heat advisory and how best to survive……..

Other than the heat, it was a great, albeit busy as ever, month! The biggest thing that happened this month waaaaaas WE FOUND A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all I can’t even begin to express this feeling. I had shared a little bit with y’all that we had had several ups and downs on this rental house hunt and the whole process had lasted about 6 months. Anyone who knows anything about house hunting knows how stressful and draining the process can be, and ours most definitely was stressful and draining. But it was all worth it because we found the cutest little house with the perfect amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and a pool (!!!!)  in the perfect neighborhood! I still can’t fully believe we found a place and RIGHT in the nick of time! Thank you to my AMAZING friends for letting me couch surf and for helping me move during the worst heat wave of the summer. Y’all are troopers and have unlimited access to the pool 😉

This month saw a lot of friends (both old and new), concerts, movies, yummy foods, a cold (what?!), hilarious bets between friends, birthdays, and Gilmore Girls season 1, 3 and 5 while our internet and tv was down and I only had DVDs to watch. August you were hot and I can not wait for colder weather, but I will be forever thankful you brought me a house with 3 incredible roomies and a pool to make the hot days bearable.


{ Got the sweetest housewarming package of summer goodies from the sweetest co-workers ever }


{ These were $4 (each!!) and nowhere near as good as Texas breakfast tacos, but they sure were yummy }

{ A colorful car-wash can totally make your day }


{ Spent the afternoon in my happy place with a dear friend }


{ Snow cones with an old college roomie }


{ Pool days might be my new favorite way to beat the heat }


{ Everything is cuter when in miniature form }


{ This new home is gonna be a happy home }

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