Little Things

The One With August’s Little Things

August, you were a fun one. Aaaaaaaaand a pretty busy one. I spent most every weekend either visiting new places or having people visit me. I worked on my doodling skills, skyped with Texas friends, got a bad haircut and a bad bad bad bad bad bad sunburn that left me stuck in bed for an entire day (p.s. I’m still recovering). As this was my last full month in this particular long-term temp job, I took advantage of a lot of free things because who knows when I’ll have a steady income again?! My roommate and I spent a free afternoon at LACMA, I went estate sale shopping with some friends because it’s the easiest and freest way to pretend you live in Bel-Air for a day, and an awesome pal got us free Jesse McCartney tickets (my inner 15 year-old is still geekin out). I took trips to Santa Barbara, Anaheim, and played tourist for a day when one of my dearest college roommates came in town. It’s fun to play tourist in your own town sometimes, especially when you live in a very touristy town. I often forget just how many people travel from around the world to see things I pass by everyday. It was surreal and a nice way to appreciate just how far I’ve come since moving out here.

Thanks for a great last month of summer August, and AUTUMN HERE WE COME!!!!!

{ In-n-Out to end the perfect weekend of adventures with a perfect friend }

{ Thrift shopping in Burbank is the BEST }

{ My childhood fantasy came true when I got to spend a night watching this beautiful soul & his SICK dance moves }

{ Spent a wonderful day with good friends in the always beautiful Santa Babs (sadly no Shawn & Gus sightings) }

{ Just hangin’ out under a giant boulder at LACMA }

{ Took a trip to Downtown Disney with friends & spent most of our time at the LEGO store, for obvious reasons }

{ There are few ways to ease a friends flight delay like churros on the pier }

{ Reminded me of my momma’s collection of PEZ. And how much I miss Saturday morning cartoons }

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