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  • USA

    The One in New Orleans

    Hi friends!! Has it been hot as heck where you are too?! Because it definitely hit 107 (!!!) last week, which was a perfect time for our pool motor to break and  turn the…

  • USA

    The One At Magnolia Market

    The hardest part about living in LA is hands down being so far away from my home in Texas. Although I live with all Texans and most of my friends out here happen to…

  • California

    The CHILL One At The Queen Mary

    Some people consider California “chill” (thank you Venice Beach) but Southern California isn’t exactly known for being chilly. Sure we may have Big Bear and plenty of other snow-y wonderlands a few hours outside…

  • USA

    The One With Some Colorado Hikes

    Alright y’all, to kick off August I thought I would recap part of a trip I took in June… Because that’s how long it takes to go through 1,765 photos. Don’t worry I didn’t…

  • California

    The One At The Flower Fields

    Have you ever discovered something on the day it closes and spent an entire year wishing you had discovered it just a day sooner? That is exactly what happened with me and my friend Kelsey…