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  • California

    The CHILL One At The Queen Mary

    Some people consider California “chill” (thank you Venice Beach) but Southern California isn’t exactly known for being chilly. Sure we may have Big Bear and plenty of other snow-y wonderlands a few hours outside…

  • California

    The One At The Flower Fields

    Have you ever discovered something on the day it closes and spent an entire year wishing you had discovered it just a day sooner? That is exactly what happened with me and my friend Kelsey…

  • California

    The One At Sunset On The Salton Sea

    So after a pit stop at The Saguaro and an incredible time exploring Salvation Mountain, we ended the day with a picnic on the shore of the most beautiful place I think I have…

  • California

    The One At Salvation Mountain

    Like I mentioned last week, some friends and I spent Valentine’s Day having a good ole fashioned roadtrip!! We started the day with a pit stop at The Saguaro and then made our way to the…

  • California

    The One With A Pit Stop At The Saguaro

    Over the weekend some gal pals and I took a random daytrip through the desert to Salvation Mountain (more on that later). It’s about a 3.5 hour drive from Los Angeles which means there’s…