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  • California

    The One With A Weekend In Big Bear

    Earthquakes & thunder & mini golf, OH MY! (…because who doesn’t love a forced Wizard of Oz reference, amiright?!) So I know 4th of July was awhile ago, but things have taken a turn…

  • California

    The One At A Renaissance Faire

    Huzzah. Lots and lots of huzzahs. Going to a Renaissance Faire as you may recall was on my 20s project list, what you may not know is a large part of the reason why is because…

  • California

    The One With BBQ & A Boat

    …more specifically The Queen Mary. This past weekend I had planned some great big fun things that I’d been excited about all week, one of which included pancakes and firemen…aka two of my absolute…

  • California

    The One Where San Diego Stayed Classy

    Here’s a little ditty about my mini spring break! Although “spring break” is technically only meant for students… I have to say, I think having a mini spring break as an adult is WAY better!…