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    The One With Another Friendsgiving

    If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you know that I LOVE THANKSGIVING. Like more than all the other holidays combined. It’s my spirit holiday. But now that I’m in my mid-twenties and…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With A Pool Party

    This time last week I turned 25. WHAT. And while I fully expect the quarter-life crisis to kick in any day now, today I’m focusing on the fun of summer birthdays. Growing up with…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With A Galentine’s Day

    Mmmkay, so unless you’re living under a rock y’all know that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Now, celebrating your loved ones is important and all but what’s equally important is celebrating those amazing gal…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With A Friendsgiving

    As I have said before, many many times, Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday. I have always loved this day for its traditions, food and family time. But over the past few years…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With A DIY Headboard

    Well hey there!! In case you did not read any one of my last 5 blog posts,¬†I have moved into a house!!! Don’t worry, it’s a rental house because I’m 24 and how¬†on earth…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With Valentines Cards for Old People

    Like most normal humans, during my free time at work I doodle.Oodles and oodles of doodles. And lately I’ve been thinking, instead of just doodling, why don’t I create something for someone. After all,…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With Rainy Days And Thrift Stores

    Soooo it’s raining here in LA, and of course by raining I really just mean lightly sprinkling… but STILL.¬†This weather makes my heart so so happy. Of course when I actually noticed it was…

  • DIY/Decor

    The One About Collections

    Wanna know a secret? I absolutely love¬†collecting things! I mean really. You are probably looking at a future hoarder. When I was younger I went through a pretty extensive phase where I collected calendars……

  • DIY/Decor

    The One With An Inspiration Journal

    Okie doke folks, let’s talk inspiration. If there is one thing I am in this world, it’s a dreamer. My imagination is basically on non-stop and I couldn’t imagine life any other way (hardy-har-har).…