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    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 9)

    Happy Friday y’all!! I haven’t posted one of these in awhile and frankly I don’t know why. These happiness posts are some of my absolute favorites and so many of y’all have said that you loved them too!…

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    The One With December’s Little Things

    Ohhhh December, what a way to wrap up 2015!! This month was jam packed with adventures, holiday cheer, and colder weather in California than Texas. Yeah, you read that right… Y’all I just love…

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    The One With November’s Little Things

    Well y’all, the fact that I’m getting this post out well over a few days late, should be a pretty clear indicator that things have gotten CRAZY over here. But the good kind of crazy 🙂…

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    The One With October’s Little Things

    Better late than never y’all but happy NOVEMBER!! (what?!) October was very very full. Every weekend/weekday was busy with something (which hopefully explains the lack of postings on my part) and it never slowed…

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    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 8)

    Hi friends!! Long time no blog! Things have been a wee bit crazy around here thanks to our housewarming party!!!!!!! Which also meant REALLY getting our house in order, aka all my attention for…

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    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 7)

    Hello there friends 🙂 My intent for this blog has and will continue to be, a place of happiness. A happy little corner of the internet for friends, strangers, and myself. Unfortunately, I have been…

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    The One With August’s Little Things

    Wait, wait, wait, WAIT. You’re telling me summer is already over?! How is that even possible? Anyone else out there feel like summer was just getting started? Ahhhhhh! Oh well, good thing I LOVE fall…