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    The One At The LA County Fair

    A few months ago a dear friend and I ventured out to the LA county fair. Y’all I love fairs. There’s something so fun and magical about walking around a fairground. Maybe it’s because…

  • Los Angeles

    The One At The Melrose Trading Post

    Y’all it’s almost the weekend!!! Hasn’t this week been the longest?! One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is hit up a flea or farmers market. True, I probably shouldn’t go…

  • Los Angeles

    The One At Amoeba Records

    Have you ever walked into a store and felt completely out-of-place, overwhelmed, and like everyone was looking at you wondering what you could possibly be doing there? And have you ever walked into a store and felt…

  • Los Angeles

    The One In Downtown LA { Part 2 }

    Hi friends! As I previously mentioned, part of the reason I decided to revamp my blog was to have a place where I could chronicle all my adventures. Specifically the ones I take here in LA 🙂 In…

  • Los Angeles

    The One At The Merry-Go-Round

      Hi y’all!! I am STOKED to start a new series today and share it with all of you!!!!!! In case you were unaware, 2 years ago I moved to California… More specifically Los…

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    The One In Venice

        One thing you learn pretty quickly in LA is just how HUGE this place is. There are a million and one gems (and gyms) all around the city, and there’s just no…

  • Los Angeles

    The One In Downtown LA

    Ok y’all confession time. I LOVE DOWNTOWN LA. Like, really really love it. Is it sketchy as heck? Absolutely. Is there something beautiful & something disgusting on every corner? Definitely. Knowing this do I…