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The One With December’s Little Things

And just like that, we have wrapped up 2014.WHAT!!!!! I can hardly believe I just typed that. I still feel like 2014 has just started, and it probably won’t even sink in that it’s 2015 until well into the summer. But nonetheless I am really thankful for everything that happened in 2014, and as always I take thanks for the little things that made this last month so wonderful. This was probably my favorite month I have had at work since I started (which is saying something because I LOVE my job), everyone was just so cheerful and festive. I saw a lot more smiles this month and I hope those smiles carry on into the new year. Decemember started out with the most wonderful week/weekend as I got to spend it with my best friend since kindergarten. I traveled down to Riverside California to see her KILL IT in the west coast NATIONAL FREAKING TOUR of Elf: The Musical. Y’all she was amazing and it was one of the highlights of my entire year watching her live out her dream!! Proud bestie moment for sure (tears included). Then she had a few days off and got to spend them with me in LA! One of the true joys of our friendship is that after basically a year of not seeing each other we can pick up right where we left off. It was the perfect breath of fresh air. After a week or so of meetings, decorating the apartment, hanging out with my LA buds, marathoning Cheers (God bless Netflix and Sam Malone) I packed up and got 2 whole weeks off of work (!!!!). I was lucky enough to go home and spend quality holiday time with my family, which I always ALWAYS treasure. Plus I got to see hometown friends as we had our 5 year high school reunion (what?). Then I came back for a few days off in LA, including a New Years Eve trip to DISNEYLAND!!!!! Hands down the best way to ring in the new year. I think spending a magical day in the happiest place on earth is about as surefire way to have a magical & happy year as any, right?
{ I am always blown away by my grandparents christmas tree }
{ Funny tip jar at the friendliest cafe ever in Riverside CA }
{ Haters gonna hate on this ride, but “It’s A Small World” is BEAUTIFUL at christmas time }
{ One of my favorite christmas traditions, making Martha Washingtons with my momma }
{ Fun family afternoon at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth! Love that this is right in my own backyard }
{ I just love using these festive beauties all month long }
{ Hands down one of the best perks of being home: Dads home cooked meals. BAM! }
{ It may be a new year, but I will ALWAYS be a child at heart }
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