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The One In Downtown LA { Part 2 }



Hi friends! As I previously mentioned, part of the reason I decided to revamp my blog was to have a place where I could chronicle all my adventures. Specifically the ones I take here in LA 🙂 In order to better share my experiences with y’all, I’ve devoted an entire section to LA-centric adventures called my “LA List” where I explore different parts of this awesome city.

Today’s check off the LA List is a part of downtown LA that I just LOVE. Truth be told, I have a pretty big love affair with downtown LA. I can promise you’ll see many more posts in this series about downtown because frankly there are just A LOT of fun random adventures waiting to happen down there!

Y’all if you’re ever hitting up downtown you should absolutely stop by Angels Flight, Grand Central Market and definitely the Bradbury Building! The best part? This particular adventure takes place on basically over one block!! To start, stop by the historic Angels Flight. This landmark funicular railway was built all the way back in 1901 (funicular is my new favorite word btw) and used to cost just 50 cents per ride. Unfortunately Angels Flight is closed down and you can’t actually ride it (at least that’s what I’ve heard), but if you walk up the stairs to Angels Knoll you’ll see a great view of the city and that one bench from 500 Days of Summer!!

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Next venture across the street to the wonderfully fun Grand Central Market! This place gave me allllllll the Chelsea Market/Grand Central Station feels from my NYC days and is a definite must-do for any downtown LA visitor. Packed with a healthy amount of grocery shoppers, foodies and tourists this literally cool place opened it’s doors in 1917 (!!!) and hasn’t looked back since.

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And finally when you’ve had your fill of delicious food, head out the front of Grand Central Market, walk past the Million Dollar Theater (aka one of the first movie theaters built in the US) and across the street to the famous Bradbury building! This is the oldest remaining commercial building in all of Los Angeles, which would be pretty cool all on its own, huh? But what’s most amazing is how STUNNING this place truly is. It’s easily one of the most gorgeous buildings I’ve ever been in and to think it was built in 1893?!? My jaw is still on the floor. Even though this building is still in use (and the reason you can’t go past the first floor) this building is probably most famous for that spooky scene in Bladerunner, as well as many tv shows, music videos and some recent films like The Artist and 500 Days of Summer. IMG_5324IMG_5325IMG_5222IMG_5225IMG_5226IMG_5227 IMG_5236IMG_5239IMG_5241IMG_5242IMG_5251knjkIMG_5245IMG_5247IMG_5249 IMG_5254IMG_5272IMG_5271IMG_5274mnjhhIMG_5279IMG_5283hjkIMG_5285IMG_5292IMG_5298hg IMG_5302IMG_5304IMG_5308IMG_5309hjkIMG_5318jhkfghjkl;hgIMG_5313

And there you have it! Though all these wonderful things are so close together, you can easily spend an entire day walking around here. There is so much history and so much beauty that you just can’t help but love it!

Angels Flight/Grand Central Market/Bradbury Building info

How to get there:

Good to know:

  • Parking is annoyingly difficult because it’s downtown and it’s LA. But there are metered parking and various parking lots all around the area!
  • The Bradbury building is an operating building and the security guard will stop you from going past the first staircase
  • The park (known from 500 Days of Summer) has been closed off by the city for a few years now, but the view is still nice!

Fun Facts:

  • On Thursday nights Grand Central Market stays open late for game nights!!!!! How cool is that?!




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  • Reply Carma 07-17-2015 at 8:33 am

    I love seeing these parts of downtown, I never knew about. Have you been to the flower district and the buttons and trims buildings?

    • Reply Katie 07-17-2015 at 10:54 am

      Thanks Carma!! The flower district is one of my favs!!!! And I’ll definitely post about it soon 🙂 But I’ve never heard of the buttons and trims buildings!! I will have to check those out 🙂

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