Little Things

The One With January’s Little Things

Somehow someway, the first month of the new year has already come and gone.I’m still not fully convinced it happened. Even at work everyone feels like they are just now getting back in the post-holiday swing of things. I had a lot of cool adventures this month, met loads of new people and experienced so many new things! But for a variety of reasons, this month was a physically, mentally and emotionally rough one. Nobody likes a just flat out miserable month. Especially when it’s the one that kicks off a brand new year! Though I wish I could mostly erase this month, I did come out the other side of it a better person for it. I have learned a lot about myself and I’m still struggling with a whole cornucopia of things (hello Katie, welcome to your 20s…). I learned that I am not alone in my struggles and through the darkness there is light. This month’s light? My friends. My incredibly fantastic friends, both here in LA and at home. I have never felt more truly and genuinely loved by a group of people then I did this month. From a casual text from a friend far far away to another friend surprising me at my house when I was having a bad day and so so SO much more in-between. These are my people. So thanks for your kind words and willingness for random adventures friends, I could not have gotten through this month without ya 🙂
{ Went to the COOLEST exhibit at LACMA & was reminded why I love living in LA and working in this industry }

{ Spent a fun day at the horse races and even won $1.60!!! And then lost $9…. }

{ Y’all wins the cutest pop-up shop of all time award, hands-down. I mean look at all this happiness!! }

{  No caption is really necessary here… 😉  }

{ Saw these beauts on a fun shopping day! Full disclosure I used only giftcards on this outing…hello student loans }

{ I can’t get over how BEAUTIFUL the horse race park was!!  }

{ Spent a day with dear friends, venting about life’s frustrations & watching 1,000 seagulls attack our sun chips }

{ Found a new theme for this next month }

{ Is it just me, or does it feel like you’ve stepped back to a much simpler time? }
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