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The One With July’s Little Things


Well July, we did it! To say this month was busy would be a dramatic understatement. Nearly every weekday and weekend was full of craziness or happiness (or both). Some friends and I have been looking for a house to rent for quite some time, and after nearly finding the perfect place, we learned the landlord was crazy and went back on the hunt. And when I say crazy, I mean C-R-A-Z-Y. If you want to hear the story call me because it sure is a doozy!! We still haven’t found a place (and my lease ends tomorrow…!!!) but my friends and our kick-butt/amazing/wonderful realtor are very hopeful 🙂 This month was filled with holidays, visitors, concerts, baseball games, free food, rainstorms (what?!?), best friend hangs, crazy work moments and lots of beach days. Considering someone moves into my room tomorrow and I haven’t even started packing, I don’t see it slowing down anyyyytime soon… but, it’s nice to take a moment and reflect on the things that brought a smile to my face even in the midst of one insane month. Here’s to a (highly unlikely) calmer August!

Photo Jul 31, 10 01 52 AM{ Seeing these beauties makes grocery shopping a little brighter }

Photo Jul 31, 10 17 27 AM{ My favorite unofficial holiday }

Photo Jul 31, 10 13 14 AM{ Stumbled upon this pretty lamppost and was reminded that I forgot to water my plants at home (again) }

Photo Jul 31, 10 14 24 AM{ Pancakes too big to fit in the frame and eaten too fast to get a non blurry photo. But so worth it. }

Photo Jul 31, 10 09 00 AM{ Gorgeous golden hour that makes trying to find 4th of July parking on Mulholland Dr a lot better }

Photo Jul 31, 10 12 37 AM{ Thankful for a temporary roommate who leaves FRIENDS all queued up for a quick lunch break treat }

Photo Jul ghjgh31, 10 04 57 AM{ Malibu beach days are some of my favorite beach days }

Photo Jul 31, 10 04 03 AM{ Princess Diaries anyone? }

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