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The One With July’s Little Things

Ohhhhh July. Whatta hot, hot, hot, hot, HOT month. Did I mention it was hot?! Not only were the temperatures WAY too close to Texas’s temps for my liking, but July was red hot with activities. Because obviously I’m going to choose the hottest month yet to be busier than a bee….way to go KitKat (Oh! So sometimes I refer to myself as “KitKat” in my head…Think Lizzie McGuire cartoon but holding a KitKat bar, that’s basically what I always picture ………….moving on) I spent the 4th celebrating America’s birthday in Big Bear, had several people come visit, started working on redesigning our rooftop patio (got lots of DIY posts coming up), became addicted to collecting sweeeeet dumpster diving treasures to renovate, started marathoning The West Wing (p.s. I’m OBSESSED) and got acquainted with our new house guest Mittens. Y’all, I’m not a cat person, I’m barely even a kitty person, but we agreed to help out a friend for a few months praying Mittens would be calm enough to not wreak havoc on our bird Baylor/Robin Sparkles (yes she has 2 names) who hates everything in existence.


Let’s just say one day I came home to a disaster zone with the bird cage on the ground, bird seed everywhereeeee, Baylor/Robin Sparkles on the loose and Mittens meowing non-stop. This was followed up with about FIVE HOURS of me trying to catch Baylor/Robin Sparkles (who was out of her cage for the first time since January) as she flew all over the place tweeting duress signals, a frantic kitty chasing her around the apartment, me screaming and dropping to the floor like a fire drill every time she flew directly at my face and the kitty jumping over me like some slow-mo stealthy action movie. Thank God for roommates who eventually come home and use their cat-like (LOL) reflexes to catch a bird in one SUPER COOL motion similar to a ninja catching a fly with chopsticks. If you think I am making any of this up, I have Skype and physical witnesses.

July you were a doozy!

{ After years and years of wanting one, I treated myself to a little “Congrats on 1 year in LA” gift and I am THRILLED }

{ I go through different cereal phases every month & this month was my favorite phase. FRUIT LOOPS 4 LIFE }

{ Though I do love summer, Autumn is by far my favorite & this guy reminded me that it’s just around the corner!! }

{ My sassiest fan flew from TX to have lunch with me & I promised her she could be on the blog. So here ya go pal 😉 }

{ My good friend and I enjoyed a night laughing with Dean, Lucille, Bob and a baby Bill Cosby }

{ Free Slurpee Day (my fav holiday) fell on Free Chicfila Day 77c Krispy Kreme Day. Even DJs got in on the action! }

{ Finally got my hands on one of these bad boys at The Rosebowl Flea!! Now I officially feel like a Californian }

{ My guiltiest pleasure,my midnight delight, my happyplace, my best decision of the day: Taco Bell. How I love thee }

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