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The One With June’s Little Things


Hi friends!! So June happened apparently… I’m still very much in denial springtime is over. Though it has been hard to deny with these INSANE temperatures out here! I realize for most of the country (and half of my audience in Texas) this sounds dumb, but it has been HOT AS HECK. I literally just laid on the floor for hours at a time this weekend because it was too hot to do anything else. But even with the flip-flop between 100 degree temps and June gloom, it was a GREAT month! Lots of exciting things (heyoooo blog launch!!!!!), adventures both near and far (by far I mean Colorado) and lots of quality time with friends & family happened this month. Throw in a birthday and a weeks worth of tacos and you’ve basically got a fairly solid picture of my June! But if you need a better visual check out the little things that really made this month a happy one 🙂

IMG_5224{ National Donut Day will always be one of my FAVORITE things about this beautiful, beautiful month }

IMG_6027{ Even in the Pinata District I’m still reminded I live in Hollywood }

{ Spent some time exploring the Griffith Observatory with my sister. This place is stun-ning }

IMG_5263{ Love late night chats that turn into long walks that turn into getting lost and walking MILES out of the way }

IMG_5608_1{ Colorado has some of the coolest hotel/eateries EVER }

IMG_5276{ The sweetest card from an even sweeter friend celebrating and encouraging me in my blog launch }

{ You know you’ve got a bestie for life when their bday gift is treating you to the cutest movie on the planet }

IMG_5509{ Pretty colors for a pretty day }

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