Little Things

The One With June’s Little Things

Oh June, how I love thee.

Whatta month y’all. First off, this weather (insert clapping emoji here). The valley hasn’t gotten too hot yet and June Gloom was definitely not as bad as it was last year! Plus I celebrated my 23rd birthday, had a brief trip home to Texas (was so busy loving every second of it that I forgot to take pictures! Oops!) AND I went to see my main man Gavin DeGraw rock it at The Greek. I also learned a lot about patience and solitude as my beloved roommate was gone for practically the entire month, and while I love my alone time more than the average Joe, working a job where most of my convos with other humans only last about a minute & a half and then coming home to an empty house every day can be pretty rough. Even for this introvert. I found myself spontaneously driving around hours out of the way, one time I even made it to the ocean and only stopped because it was either stop now or drive into the ocean and the Pacific is COLD. But these long drives also gave me lots of time to think and appreciate the life I’m living right now. It always comes back to the little things for me and this month was no different.

{ Love love LOVE getting hyped up for the World Cup. And coke, duh. GO USA!!! }
{ Walked into Target for something else and left with these bad boys. Y’all that See Spot Save aisle is like crack. }
{ My roomie surprised me with a coke slurpee (complete w/ mustache straw) on my birthday. She completes me }
{ A fantastically kind co-worker gave me One Republic tickets. Wasn’t really a fan before, but these guys are RAD }
{ Saw these wonderful words on a not so wonderful day. It doesn’t take much to turn a day around friends! }
{ Scored the comfiest fleece in the world for two quarters on an adventure home. I call it my “Fiddy Cent Fleece” }
{ Even if my roommate is only home for 1 day, we make a point to have pancakes. Thank God for 24hr diners }
{ I’ve lived here for a year (WHAT?!) and I had all the feels resigning our lease. Here’s to another year in the valley! }

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