The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 8)


Hi friends!! Long time no blog! Things have been a wee bit crazy around here thanks to our housewarming party!!!!!!! Which also meant REALLY getting our house in order, aka all my attention for the whole month haha 🙂 Don’t you worry I will snap some pictures of our AWESOME backyard (and killer daybed) before daylight savings kicks in to share with y’all. But until then I am on my way to San Fransisco (!!!!) for a fun weekend with the fam! Hope y’all enjoy these links and



A happy little diddy

( Train – “Save Me, San Fransisco”)

A happy read

b17440678ebec643daebf17266e8af02Thrillist – “The 10 Happiest Songs On Earth, As Decided By Neuroscientists”

A happy snapshot

efad2723b669c7f6d71e96ed14c08c84Because my favorite show is getting rebooted to Netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A happy giggle

Jimmy Kimmel KNOWS how to celebrate Back to the Future Day

A happy thought

c8dc75f44eecf75dfd9892eccb0ac2deA helpful reminder and a very true message

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5.




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