Little Things

The One With March’s Little Things

This month was wonderful. I met some new people, had a mini spring break with my college roommates in San Diego, attempted a lot of new recipes (attempted being the key word), went to Paleyfest and worked several different jobs on the lot. Oh, and we had quite a few earthquakes… that’s right, finally experienced my first earthquake (and a few others). It woke me up (which if you know me at all is saying A LOT) and let me tell ya folks, I have experienced my fair share of tornados, hurricanes, hale storms, etc. but earthquakes? I am not a fan. I am however, a fan of the GLORIOUS spring weather we have been having! Y’all it’s just so beautiful outside. You’ve done good March, you’ve done good.

{ The last day of March meant french toast & marathoning HIMYM all day in honor of the series finale}

{ Went to a fun sample sale by Sugar Paper LA, I’m a sucker for a pretty notepad }

{ Donuts with my old college roommates, 2 of my absolute favorite things 🙂 }

{ GUYS, I literally fed a squirrel at the park. It was a total Disney Princess moment for me. }

{ Enjoyed my first Paleyfest with the Veronica Mars panel and Farewell to How I Met Your Mother night }

{ Went to an early screening of “Noah” with a dear friend }

{ My roommate is the BEST and had shrimp appetizers & ribs (that’s right, RIBS) ready for me when I got home }

{ Spring is here people, SPRING IS HERE! }
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