Little Things

The One With March’s Little Things


Well March, you were odd. Oddly busy, sickly, happy, and full (of awesomeness).

March started off a little sad, as it’s half my family’s birthday month. It’s always sad being so far away from them, and being apart on birthdays are the hardest. But then a wave of happiness came that even trumped the fact that I was starting to get sick. Y’all it’s fun living in LA, but I often forget how many people choose to vacation where I live. For a solid week I had over 10 fanstically wonderful humans out here for spring break and 8 of them stayed with me (!!!). It was the best. Even though I was horribly horribly sick I tried my hardest to push through it for a week and spend the time with some of my favoritest people, happily playing tour guide all around LA. But the week after everyone left was ROUGH. All that adventuring (while sick) caught up to me and I could barely function. Good thing all the big wigs were traveling for the next week and a half, so I could just sip on my hot water and lemon while watching Cheers and Law & Order: SVU all day at work! Such a Godsend. After finally getting over my sickness on top of my first ever experience with allergies (those are sure fun…), I had a pretty busy rest of the month doing some spring cleaning, hanging out with pals, enjoying the beautiful spring weather/flowers all over LA, aaaaaaaand getting all pumped up for March Madness (why Louisville, whyyy?!).

March, you just kept on marchin’ on, and for that I am eternally thankful.{ The most BEAUTIFUL tree right outside my work?! Too wonderful y’all }{ Daylight savings spring forward means I’m home for golden hour!!!! }{ A fun night showing friends around town! Love living in a city my friends want to vacation}{ I love anything in a bracket (& anything sports related) so I was ALL over March Madness!! }{ A hilarious time at Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Dinner at my fav place Riley’s Farm }{ Saw a super cool costume exhibit, Oscar edition. Y’all I just love love love this film!! }

 { Sweet & thoughtful thank you gifts from lovelys who stayed with me over spring break }

p.s. check out my girl Megan Shipley‘s recap of their time in LA/Palm Springs!! She is one talented chica 🙂

{ Spent a solid weekend doing spring cleaning and it felt GOOD. I’ll sure miss all my flannel! }




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