Little Things

The One With May’s Little Things

May may or may not have been a-may-zing. Too much?

But really, it has been a great month. I’ve been getting into the groove of having a steady-normal-hours-job, which is new for my LA life. I have really tried to enjoy this spring season, even with the freak week of 100+ temperatures in the valley…that was rough. I ventured into new recipes (which meant I ended up eating a lot of sandwiches for dinner with each new recipe inevitably failing), escaped the city for some fun adventures, got published on Thought Catalog, and have also gotten really good at my online Yahtzee game (receptionist problems). Also one day I looked up from my desk to see none other than SETH GREEN asking me for directions, which was especially cool/spooky/crazy/surreal because I had been hardcore marathoning Buffy (see overalls post) the entire week… One moment I’m watching Oz go all wolfie and the next he is standing in front of me joking about the giant rubberband ball on my desk. Oh and he’s a ginger, so basically greatest moment of my entire life.

Hey May, I like you. A lot 🙂


{ The trees loss is the sidewalks gain }

{ Thanks to my co-worker for bringing me the cutest cookie on the planet }

{ A screening of one my all time favs, “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Gosh I love LA }

{ Finally went to my first Dodgers game! }

{ Got the funnest/most thoughtful package in the mail from the bestest of friend }

{ Firework show after the ballgame, not a bad sight to see }

{ Sometimes the best times are a walk back to your car after a night celebrating some dear friends }

{ Booked my flight home to TEXAS y’all!!! Only going back for a few days, but anytime in TX is happy time }
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