The One With My 30 Favorite Instagrammers


fav instagramsHowdy folks! Hope y’all had a wonderful adventure-filled weekend, I know I did!!

I don’t know about you, but I love learning what everyone did over the weekend, definitely helps to make those Monday mornings at work a little brighter. And one of my favorite ways to do this is with a quick scroll through my Instagram feed. I love seeing how my friends and family back home chose to spend their free time, and I also LOVE seeing what my favorite Insta-crushes are up to 🙂

We all know how obsessed I am with photography and design…But with instagram I can discover new creative peeps all the time as well as engage in a community of like-minded individuals all while sitting in my pjs watching The Office!! It’s just the best!

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite accounts to follow (in no particular order)! I love having a beautiful creative-filled feed to scroll through every day and these guys are the reason why!

  1. @abeautifulmessofficial – Easily the happiest part of my insta-day are these ladies fun snaps.Picture1

  2. @elsie larson – 1/2 of the colorfully creative sisters of A Beautiful Mess.Picture2

  3. @britandco – Of course their Insta is as fun as their website!!11357002_397175550474129_1513379191_n

  4. @yellowconference – Love these ladies & everything their conference stands for. Check them out!11380289_743584195788025_716301769_n

  5. @ohhappyday – This feed lives up to the name y’all.11380033_894157934011448_147352111_n

  6. @apairandaspare – For all my wanderlust needs.11325018_838191299592996_1490639754_n

  7. @theeverygirl – Perfect for any 20-something gal.11378832_753542664757056_1608457084_n

  8. @brightbazaar – This guy has hands down the most amazing eye for color. EVER.11111471_687709114688518_1963351582_n

  9. @designlovefest – Bri makes me want to travel to exotic places and dye my hair.11351691_1042826682418963_1035232028_n

  10. @marycostaphoto – One of the most talented photogs out there (with an Insta-feed to match).11296684_879603288779185_734926357_n

  11. @joannagaines – Because I’m obsessed with “Fixer Upper” and it cures my Waco homesick blues.11358916_1637801459786464_2092006461_n 

  12. @thehappyhunters – Love these gals and their awesome feed.11022809_1603718126510766_1452845418_n

  13. @lovelyindeed – Just like her handle says, her feed is indeed lovely.11202998_420010038186127_227099962_n

  14. @studiodiy – I got to meet Kelly in person & she is just as FUN as her Insta/blog. Plus I love anyone who has a healthy obsession with all things pinatas, donuts, balloons and straight up happiness!!11242738_597949733677476_1519496676_n

  15. @theuncommonplace – Possibly the brightest feed out there (and the most fun).11265828_408745909308350_936160616_n

  16. @shopbando – They throw parties for no reason and aren’t afraid to be silly. Aka my kinda ladies!!11419194_854391254654146_723926144_n

  17. @brittnimehlhoff – I meannnnnnn, do I really need to explain?!11282166_846123362139524_1394057973_n

  18. @creativekipi – Just the cutest/pastel-iest feed of all time!11336210_456407737866929_1529348922_n

  19. @amyventures – This chick and her colorful feed knows whatsup.1172160_1590445384539890_627556419_n

  20. @caitlinwilsondesign – She’s got quite the eye for design (and perfect Insta photos).11260388_1439155159714526_1508838880_n

  21. @krist__ina – Her ice cream game is everything y’all.11377820_1022678041089676_1995766249_n 

  22. @northern_daisy – A feed that’s equal parts cute and happy!10995177_846537672079706_1826320006_n

  23. @homeyohmy – More like @OBSESSEDohmy!!!10013131_463255760503131_790596888_n

  24. @alyssalawson – This lady has a great eye for walls and mural-goodness.10449111_1611688025783468_181055277_n

  25. @pineapplesandcoffeecups – Anyone who can appreciate a pair of donut flip-flops is a-ok with me!11327831_854492494628704_931827272_n

  26. @rclayton – But seriously…how cute is this!!!11357631_917032925030889_1396577561_n    

  27. @sfgirlbybay – “Golden Hour” should be her middle name.11259808_1627941207454910_1995102459_n

  28.  @kimgenevieve – Simply the dreamiest of feeds.11386538_866500653430705_1650233497_n           

  29. @arrowandapple – Don’t worry, it’s not just a “mom and baby” feed. But liiiiiike look at her!!!11189962_515225871960977_1396088468_n   

  30. @emilyschuman – Y’all the “Cupcakes and Cashmere” bosslady is the definition of class.11333466_863789210371038_1839409298_n

  31. @katiebug616-Because I spend way too much time coming up with captions to not plug my Insta 😉10601728_1471808376431001_1140402492_n

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  • Reply Lindsey Dish 08-03-2015 at 8:02 am

    I see what ya did there! 😉 It worked! I was clicking following to all of them like, “yeah, i like all this stuff too” and then when I got to yours I realized, “Wait. Instagram is how I found her blog!” Lol. Anyways, thanks for sharing the instalove – great picks!
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

    • Reply Katie 08-05-2015 at 6:38 pm

      Thanks Lindsey!! Gotta love insta 😉

      Also love your blog too!! Really liked the blogging while depressed post – I feel ya girl and you are NOT alone in those struggles! Bravo for writing about it *clapping hands emoji*


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