Little Things

The One With October’s Little Things

October you were FULL.
Full of adventures, laughter, travel, happiness, warmth, love, friends, family and pumpkins.
You may have noticed a lengthy absence on my part on this blog, but I have plenty of good excuses this time. First of all, in early October I officially started my full time job!!! As I mentioned last month the job I had been temping in since April turned into a full time job offer! And even though I never stopped working, my official start date was mid-October which meant a full day of orientation, updating the computer, a new ID badge, and a lot more technical updates that took over most of the beginning of October in my life. Then a few days after I officially started, I took 2 and a half weeks off for a vacation that had been scheduled waaaaay before I thought I would even have a job (special thanks to my INCREDIBLE bosses for not making me cancel my trip!!)

My sister has been spending the semester studying abroad all over Europe (check out her travel blog HERE), and for the final two months her group settled down in PARIS (ahhhh!!). My cousin and I were lucky enough to stay with her for a week AND take a quick trip up to London! It was a dream. And don’t you worry there are PLENTY of blog posts headed your way alllllll about the trip 🙂 So stay tuned!! After a week in Europe I came home to Texas and spent an absolutely wonderful week with family and high school buddies (the longest I’d been home since I moved) before driving a hour south to spend the weekend at Baylor’s homecoming!! To those of you who are not Baylor Bears, it may sound crazy that I basically took an entire week off of work just so I could go to my college’s homecoming. But this tradition is one of my favorite things in the world, to put it in perspective I was almost just as excited to be at homecoming as I was to go to Paris/London…. The traditions of Homecoming weekend always fill me with enough joy and warmth to last me through the entire year. The friends, bonfire, reunions, delicious food, laughter, fall weather, and epic bear hugs made every year during this weekend are some of my most cherished memories.

October, thanks for being exactly what I needed 🙂

{ A puddle of Autumn beauty on a cold London morning }

{ A sweet surprise from an even sweeter host in Paris }

{ The Mirror of Erised is quite possibly the coolest mirror for a mirror pic }

{ In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines… }

{ The best fajitas in all the land }

{ My favorite part of the Baylor Homecoming parade every year }

{ My grandmother, aka the undisputed queen of holidays, strikes again with her homemade Halloween wreath }

{ FINALLY got to experience a game in the new McLane Stadium!! And y’all she’s a reaaaaaal beaut! }

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