Little Things

The One With August’s Little Things

Well folks, it certainly has been awhile. Lots of things have been going on on my end as well as some much much needed rest. As you know we lost my grandfather late last month and as almost anyone will tell you, dealing with a loss…

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The One With Gramps

It’s been one week since my grandfather passed away. And it’s been the hardest week I have ever endured. Some of you knew my grandfather. Some of you knew him as the guy who left a comment at the end of almost all of…


The One On A Road Trip In The Middle Of Nowhere

I love road trips. In fact some would say I’m a road trip junkie. I can’t get enough of them. The bonding, the snacking, the singing, the laughter, the memories. It’s all just so good. I have a looooong list (as well as an entire secret Pinterest…

Little Things

The One With June’s Little Things

Hi friends! Oh what a month this has been!!! I’m pretty sure every single day this month was booked with something! I started off the month with a trip back to Texas to see family, friends, and to be in my college roommates wedding!…


The One With A Pool Party

This time last week I turned 25. WHAT. And while I fully expect the quarter-life crisis to kick in any day now, today I’m focusing on the fun of summer birthdays. Growing up with a June birthday sadly meant most of my friends were…


The One With Nuggets Of Wisdom From Year 24

Well friends, today I turn 25. I am sitting at my desk at work (because adults don’t get to take days off for their birthdays) reflecting on all the things that made this 24th year what it was. And along with that comes my…

Little Things

The One Where We Were On A Break + Little Things

Hello friends, it’s been a minute! 60,480 minutes to be exact. I decided to take a month(ish) long blogging break for a few reasons. First of all, I have been absolutely insanely busy. Probably more so than I have ever been since living out…


The One Where Our Flamingo Flew Away

Today I am sad to share with y’all a loss my roommates and I suffered last week. It is with a heavy heart that I announce: our giant pink flamingo pool floatie is gone. We are all very saddened here. She was our most…

Los Angeles

The One At The Original Los Angeles Flower Market

Well hello friends!! Who’s excited for the weekend?! Like I said last month, one of my favorite things to do over the weekend is hit up my local flea market! One of my other favorite activities though is definitely venturing downtown to the flower…

Little Things

The One With March’s Little Things

Hi friends!! Man this past month was busy busy BUSY!!! I’ve said it before, but it’s still weird to me to live in a place that so many people choose to spend their vacation. At least 5 different people visited me at work or home…