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The One With September’s Little Things


Y’all September was an emotional roller coaster.

Possibly the most roller-y coaster I have been on since I moved to LA. There were lots of highs and lots of lows. As you probably noticed my blog posts have definitely been lacking recently, and for that I apologize. Also September brought with it a HORRENDOUS heatwave. I spent one entire weekend laying in my bed with a fan pointed at me, not moving a muscle. And not out of boredom or laziness, it was just literally too hot to do anything else. September also saw a lot of birthdays, weddings, bridal showers and a hefty amount of Skype sessions. But probably the biggest thing that September brought me WAS A FULL TIME JOB!!!

That’s right folks, this girl is employed 🙂 Do you remember that long-term temp job I told you about in April? Well I had been covering for a receptionist while she was out on maternity leave for a little over 5 months. As my end date was getting closer and closer it became harder for me to picture my life without this job. I absolutely LOVED the people I worked with everyday and hated the thought of not seeing them.  They had all reached out to try and help me get a job somewhere in the company, so I went on a lot of interviews and even made it to the final round for a position that came down to me and one other person. The next day the lady who was on maternity leave showed up to work (my second to last day) and announced she was going to stay at home with her kiddos! So I was offered my job full-time!!!! I spent a week mulling things over as I waited to hear from the other people I had interviewed with the day before. That week was a rough one. I spent a lot of time waiting in limbo (though it was the best limbo I could ever imagine) knowing that at any minute my life could possibly change for good. But all that waiting helped me to really deal with every possible outcome, so by the time I heard that the other position had gone to the other guy, I had already completely dealt with my feelings about it. And I am absolutely THRILLED to be where I am today: the receptionist in the building I love, for the people I love. It’s not my dream job (no beginning job ever is), but it’s my dream job for where I’m at right now in my life & I couldn’t be happier!

{ Made myself a mini coffee table book with all my California instagrams thanks to a free deal on Shutterfly }

{ Stumbled upon The Witch’s House (also known as The Spadena House) in Beverly Hills and it is AWESOME }

{ Thanks to some of the kindest humans at work I got to see Katy Perry and her crazy colorful concert, SO FUN!!! }

{ No trip to Beverly Hills is complete without a Sprinkles Sandwich (my favorite of all the sandwiches) }

{ Saw this on my lunch break stroll through Burbank and it gave me quite the chuckle }

{ Easily the best part of every trip to Lowes }

{ I spent my tax refund on a One Direction concert. You can make me pay taxes but you can’t make me an adult }

{ Y’all!!!!!!!!!! My cousin and I got tickets to spend a week visiting my sister in PARIS & LONDON!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! }

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