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    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 7)

    Hello there friends 🙂 My intent for this blog has and will continue to be, a place of happiness. A happy little corner of the internet for friends, strangers, and myself. Unfortunately, I have been…

  • Lovely Latelys

    The One With Some Lovely Latelys

    Happy Monday my friends!! Hope y’all had a simply splendid weekend 🙂 Today I’m excited to share the first Lovely Latelys post in my Favorite Happy Things tab! From time to time I find that I have a handful of pictures…

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    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 6)

    Happy Friday my fantastically fun friends!! I hope you have a STELLAR weekend and do something fun just for the heck of it! Me? Oh I’ll be signing a LEASE on a HOUSE with…

  • Lifestyle

    The One With My 30 Favorite Instagrammers

    Howdy folks! Hope y’all had a wonderful adventure-filled weekend, I know I did!! I don’t know about you, but I love learning what everyone did over the weekend, definitely helps to make those Monday mornings at…

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    The One With 10 Ways To Cool Off This Summer

    Sooooooooooooooooo it’s hot. Hot here, hot there, hot everywhere. Y’all LA is experiencing Texas sized temps and it is NOT what I was promised upon moving here. As I hunt down the liar that…

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    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 5)

    Every now and then I come across something online that makes me happy and I like to share them with y’all!! But instead of bombarding you every time I find something, I save ’em…

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    The One With Nuggets Of Wisdom From Year 23

    Well y’all, I can’t believe I am typing this but….. that’s a wrap on year 23!! WHAT?! And due to the success of sharing last year’s nuggets of wisdom I thought I would continue the tradition…

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    The One With LINKS of Happiness (Part 4)

    I know it’s been awhile since I posted some fun links, so I thought I’d bring it back! Plus the “happy giggle” has made me smile (and kept me distracted) for most of the…

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    The One With A Fall To-Do List

    Y’ALL. IT’S FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no biggie, it’s just my favorite time of year! And before you start calling me “basic” (which by the way might be the dumbest phrase I’ve hear in a good…