The CHILL One At The Queen Mary


Some people consider California “chill” (thank you Venice Beach) but Southern California isn’t exactly known for being chilly. Sure we may have Big Bear and plenty of other snow-y wonderlands a few hours outside LA, and thanks to El Niño we have definitely had some chilly days. But for a real slice of the ice, the Queen Mary in Long Beach is the perfect day trip, yet again.

My roommates and I decided to brave an actual winter storm and drive about 45 minutes south to see this wonderful winter wonderland (with a pit stop at Chic-fil-a obviously), and man were we NOT disappointed 🙂 After walking through the strangest maze ever, we found our way to a candle shop. What’s even better than being greeted by all the lovely scents of a candle shop you ask?! Learning you can make your very own candle for just $10!!!! Obviously we had to do it 😉

IMG_1831 IMG_1842 IMG_1839 IMG_1880 IMG_1835IMG_1876 IMG_1873IMG_1897IMG_1895IMG_1884IMG_1881IMG_1855 IMG_1852 IMG_1871 IMG_1911 IMG_1902 IMG_1909 IMG_1914

After a fun adventure in candle making, we walked all around the winter-y village. We people watched, got some free chap-stick, ate funnel cake (because duh) and watched everyone ride around on the swing ride from Michael Jackson’s ranch no less!! Then we went inside the giant dome and were greeted with even more ice-y goodness! We went down the most glorious man-made ice hill in hilarious fashion many many many times (because hey it was free and hey it was a giant hill of ice). And then made our way into the main event: The Ice Kingdom. Now for anyone who has actually been to one of these, you know how cold it is and how much harder it is to take pictures. So I did my best/risked my pneumonia-free life for these pictures all so y’all could see how cool (LOL) it is!!

IMG_1815 IMG_1820 IMG_2030 IMG_2027_2 IMG_1953 IMG_1939 IMG_1977 IMG_1978 IMG_1982 IMG_1984 IMG_1991 IMG_1994 IMG_1998 IMG_2017 IMG_2018 IMG_2010IMG_2005 IMG_2002 IMG_2024

All in all it was a pretty fantastic roomie trip! We also went onto the Queen Mary (my hands were too cold at that point to take any more pictures) which then led to us watching Titanic when we made it make to our house. At 1 am. Let me repeat that incase you missed it. We watched Titanic. At 1 in the morning………….. But regardless of my zombie-like state for the following 24 hours, this little night trip was a total blast! Definitely the thing to do if any Los Angelean is missing that winter-y goodness but doesn’t have the gas money to drive more than 45 minutes away. It is absolutely worth it! Chill at the Queen Mary we will definitely be seeing you again next year 🙂

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    This is great!! As usual, your photos are beautiful. Especially the candles and wax chunks. Love them!

  • Reply Barnabas 02-01-2016 at 2:51 pm

    Your friend rode slides with a broken wrist!!??

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