The One About Collections

Wanna know a secret? I absolutely love collecting things!

I mean really. You are probably looking at a future hoarder.

When I was younger I went through a pretty extensive phase where I collected calendars… completely random right? Yeah it was, but I didn’t care. I loved loved loved adding new calendars to my collection! I’m not even entirely sure why. Maybe it’s because collections are a conversation piece (and Lord knows I need as many ways to fill an awkward silence as possible), maybe it’s the excitement of finding that perfect piece when you least expect it, maybe it’s just because collecting things is fun.

Collecting isn’t hard to do and it doesn’t have to be that expensive! …I mean, depending on what you want to collect. Don’t come crying to me when your out millions of dollars because this post made you start collecting all those weirdly expensive license plates (yes, that’s a thing).

Also building a collection takes time. If you buy a lot of things to fill your collection all at once, it takes all the fun out of it! Take your time with it, find a place to display it in your apartment; the best collections have a story behind them and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to hear a good story every now and then?

Over the years I have collected coffee mugs (which is ironic because I don’t drink coffee), coke bottles, Christmas ornaments from anywhere I travel, and fortune cookies (I like to think the amount of Chinese food I’ve consumed over the years has made me an honorary Gilmore Girl. So this one’s for you Lorelai!)

Here’s what I would like to start collecting:

Some of these fun throw pillows from Society 6! How hilarious are they? I’m always looking for fun/funny things that are also functional to add to my home and these puppies are perfect! (upcoming birthday present anyone?? 😉
Fun vintage plates so I can display them on a wall like these guys or like one of my favorite bloggers Meredith, did. These would be easy (and cheap) to collect aaaaaaand basically gives me the excuse I need to justify stopping at every single yard sale I see.
And I really really really want to start collecting these super cool Harry Potter posters by Caroline Hadilaksono.
(Remember me saying I was obsessed with all things British? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding…)
What are some things you collect? Got anything new you want to start collecting? Let’s all be hoarders together!
…just kidding. Hoarding is not healthy. But collecting things that make you happy sure is!!
Share the happiness!!
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