Little Things

The One All About The Little Things

These last 2 weeks have been amazing. There is nothing I love more than family, and there is absolutely nothing better than family time during the holidays. This Christmas season was full of reconnecting and reminiscing. Christmas is a big deal in my family and we have so many traditions, even our traditions have traditions. But this season was different, at least for me. Because this season was the first time I truly came home for the holidays and because of that, I found myself really appreciating the little things about the holiday season and precious time with my family.

{ 7 hours in LAX was a little more bearable with this festive view }

{ There’s just something about candy canes that I will always love }

{ Love our family walk on Christmas Eve day that always quickly becomes a walking musical comedy }

{ Just one small part of my moms ever-growing snowman collection }

{ Others may say their grandmothers tree is the best, but they either haven’t seen my grandmothers tree or are all liars }
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