Little Things

The One All About The Little Things

I got to spend half of this week in California and the other half back in the great state of TEXAS. It’s been one glorious week. I spent some wonderful time with my family and took a trip back to my alma mater and the greatest place in the world: Baylor University. I reconnected with my old college roommates and enjoyed some of the wide open Texas roads I love so dearly on the drive home. I’m pretty sure I never stopped smiling the entire week.

{ Foliage + open Texas roads = One happy girl }

{ Weekly NCIS & NCIS: LA night with Kelsey. Now complete with NCIS: LA bingo. }

{ Baylor will ALWAYS have my heart }

{ Hands down the greatest Mexican food place in Fort Worth, TX }

{ Folks if you’re ever driving through Waco TX, you MUST stop at Common Grounds. It’s the coolest coffee shop of all time. }
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