Little Things

The One All About The Little Things

SO excited to start this new weekly blog series! I got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Cupcakes and Cashmere. On the blog, Emily has a series called Five Things where she posts 5 pictures of things that brought her joy during the week. They range from something as simple as fresh flowers to driving up the coast for a day at the beach.

I LOVE THIS IDEA. So guess what? I’m going to start doing it! Every Saturday morning I am going to post pictures of 5 little things that made me smile and brought me joy during the week. And by week I mean Monday-Friday, because lets be real…weekends are always joyous. It is much harder for me to find happiness during the week and these posts will challenge me to find the beauty in each week.

So here we go! First post of my weekly series, The One All About The Little Things!


{ One last lunch on the WB lot with Kelsey before she starts her new job! YAY! }

{ Love love LOVE going for walks in the park down the street }

{ Halloween adventures with the Brawny Man & Amy Farrah Fowler. Aaaand y’all I PROMISE I’m wearing boxers! }

{ Doodling on my chalkboard coffee table }

{ Finally booked my flight to spend a WEEK back in my favorite city in the world! See ya soon NYC!! }
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