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The One All About The Little Things

For people all around the world, this week marked the beginning of a brand new year. For me this week was filled with discovery, reminiscent memories and reconnecting with old friends. My Baylor Bears made it into the BCS Tostitos Bowl in Phoenix Az, which just so happens to be the hometown of my college roommate and bestie! So I landed in Cali long enough for me to unpack and pack up a new bag for a road trip to Phoenix. I rung in the new year with friends both old and new, watched our Bears fight the UCF Knights and met up with many of my old college pals. Though we ultimately lost the game, it was a true joy to be able to attend my first game as an alum at a bowl game, amongst some of the greatest people I have ever known: the Baylor family.

{ Roadtripped to Arizona & back with this amazing friend. Couldn’t be more thankful to have her living life in LA with me! }

{ Nothing better than spending 3 days with these precious friends }

{ Best way to watch 4 TOUGH quarters of football? Have one of your best friends by your side }

{ SO glad I got to catch up with my old roommate, miss her encouraging wisdom and baking skills }

{ Baylor we are, Baylor we will always be }
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