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The One At The Original Los Angeles Flower Market


D E S I G N (5)Well hello friends!! Who’s excited for the weekend?! Like I said last month, one of my favorite things to do over the weekend is hit up my local flea market! One of my other favorite activities though is definitely venturing downtown to the flower market. Y’all this is such a happy place. I have always liked flowers, sure, but I was never a die-hard flower fan growing up (gimme that chocolate cake any day). But I always loved getting flowers from my dad or going with my mom to pick out Easter arrangements, and I loved watching both of my grandmothers in their gardens. Now I wish I had more of a green thumb (see New Year’s goals) but I can always rely on flowers when all my potted plants and succulents fail me!!! And the perfect place for me to find the best deals on the most beautiful flowers is hands down the LA flower market.

Y’all I love this place. I mean I really really LOVE this place. The Original Los Angeles Flower Market has been open since the 1920’s!! It is smack dab in the middle of downtown LA’s Flower District (one of my favorite districts) surrounded by blocks of other flower markets and vendors. It’s a dream walking around down there. And it’s probably a blessing that it’s a bit of a drive for me because Lord knows I would spend all my time and paychecks there without a second thought.

This ginormous market (55,000 sq ft y’all) is filled with 50+ vendors selling the best of the best at prices you have to see to believe. Sure, some season specific flowers may be pricey, but many vendors are okay with haggling and will even give you a deal the more you buy! You can find everything from roses to sunflowers, ranunculus to hydrangeas, succulents to potted trees. Seriously they have over 125 different cuts of flowers and plants, so just try to leave empty handed, I dare ya.

The flower market is open Monday-Saturday until 6pm. It opens at 8am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday while it opens up at a cheery 6am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! If you know me at all you’ll know how much of a morning person I am NOT. But this is the one place I am happy to leave my house for at the crack of dawn(ish)! It’s become an absolute morning must for almost every party I throw now. For Galentine’s Dayand Friendsgiving I decked out the house with flowers and probably only spent around $50-$75 on flowers! This may sound like a lot to spend on flowers, but once you see how much I got for those prices you’ll understand. Plus time and time again my guests have said the multitude of flowers have been their favorite part! And then our house smells like a flower shop for the next week which isn’t a bad perk either 😉

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