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The One Day I Couldn’t Get Home

So I’ve got a story for ya. And it sure is a doozy.It was just one of those days, ya know? Allow me to paint the scene for you.One day earlier, I realized about 5 minutes before I was supposed to be at work that I’d left my brights on all night so my car battery had died. My roommate was out of town. Everyone I know in the valley was already at work or didn’t have a car. And my boss’s phone number had apparently changed at some point and the number I had turned out to be some So-Cal bro, who was partying up a storm at 9 in the morning on a Wednesday. At least someone was having a good day.

Luckily a friend happened to answer my SOS and her bosses were nice enough to let her leave and rescue the damsel in distress (who still had wet hair because she was planning on blow drying it in the car… see #29).

The day ended up turning out just fine and friends were kind from all around. I got to meet the daughter of some pretty important people (doesn’t sound cool, but it was) and the best moment EVER happened due to my unfortunate lack of transportation: I finally got to talk to the cute guy at work for more than .5 seconds. Turns out he is so much more than just a beautiful “good morning” smile. Sigh.

Anywho, because of the time I got back to my house and the bizzaro hours of my local PepBoys I decided to postpone my cars cardio-thoracic surgery until the weekend when I could properly get things done (and have time to take out the leftover contents from last weekends birthday bonfire and the pile of huge windows I found on the side the road that have been chilling in my back seat for about 2 weeks). Another friend agreed to take me to work in the morning (I’ve got some really great friends out here y’all. PRAISE). But thennnnnn the real dilemma came…

It was my first week of summer flex Fridays which means I get off work 2 hours early! WAHOO Y’ALL! Except no one else I know gets off at 4pm. So do I stay at work and endure 2 more hours of humiliation from realizing earlier a very embarrassing item of mine had been sticking out of my pocket for over a hour while I opened the door and served coffee to various executives & dignitaries? Or do I get the hell outta dodge & take a daring adventure with a 2.5 mile walk home.

Daring adventure. Obviously.

Except I should mention it wasn’t necessarily the easiest decision. Mainly because my scalp was starting to peel from my sunburn so I looked like I was trying to pull off the dandruff look (and failing) and I was painfully unaware when I put my skirt on that morning that everyone would be able to very clearly see my cheetah print granny panties. So to everyone who drove down Riverside from 4-5pm on Friday, you’re welcome for that.

But nonetheless come 4 o’clock, adventure time it was.

I un-tucked my blouse so I could actually breath in my skirt that was 2 sizes too small (because back when I bought it I convinced myself that I would be able to lose weight and actually fit into, trying to ignore the fact that most of my days would consist mainly of sitting on my bottom and eating m&ms… reality 1, Katie 0), I let my hair down (and quickly put it back up because it was 90 stinkin’ degrees outside), put on my super cool red heart sunglasses (so I could pretend I was living a T-Swift song, obviously) and prayed my $5 ballet flats would last the long trek home (they didn’t).

So I set out on my journey with a pretty solid inner monologue goin on in my head (oh by the by, thanks to my recent Scrubs marathon I have determined that I’m the female version of JD and I love it. C-Bear where you at??) Y’all this was going to be an adventure. Not an adventure my choice or spontaneity, but out of necessity. This was a chance for me to see what the world would be like without cars. How my normal everyday drive looked like from the other side. The opportunity for me to pretend I was in the wild wild west, wandering around with no more than the bag on my back, trying to find my way home.

…when things could seemingly take a turn for the boring, I like to make them as dramatic and adventuresome as possible (in my head, like one of J.D.’s fantasies). Because honestly this could have been the most miserable hour of my life, but like most things, you have the choice of perspective. All it took was a little imagination and some positivity and this forced adventure turned out to be pretty darn magical.


This is where my imagination kicked into over drive about a life living behind an ivy covered wall in a magical place called Lendway Manor. Anne Shirley would’ve been real proud.

My halfway point just so happened to be a used clothes store that was not only the perfect break from the heat, but also gave me my new favorite thing ever: the worlds comfiest fleece for 2 QUARTERS!!!

I was right about here when I got whistled at… Thank you cheetah print granny panties for that one.

This guy has always seemed so friendly & harmless from the road, but he definitely attacked me when I walked past him… Not cool Robert Frost.

If you are going to go on an adventure, you have to stop by the used bookstore & buy adventure movies, especially when they’re only $1. The Third Eye Blind cd should be self explanatory.
Near the end of my journey I came across these beauties. I drive past them everyday but you can’t really see their true beauty from the car, or maybe I’m just never really looking. It was a happy little reminder that you can see something everyday but never truly see it or appreciate it.

Though this wasn’t my first choice getting home that day, I gotta say y’all… adventures are always worth the time.

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