The One In Paris [ Day 1 & 2 ]

As promised, here is the first of several blog-posts about the trip to Paris I took in October. It was a true, true joy to be able to visit the city with my cousin (who had never been to Paris before) and stay with my sister while she studied abroad! We were in Paris for about 5 days (give or take) and my cousin and I took a trip up to London in the middle of the week! This was the vacation I dreamed of taking when I was younger, but I never could have guessed how much I would need it when I was older ;)As you can imagine, I took close to a gazillion photos, which is why it took me almost a month to go through them all and narrow ’em down. If you want to scroll through 13,000 photos, call me 😉 I decided it would be better to break up the trip into multiple posts as not to bombard you with pictures (I use that term lightly…as you can see I still have a mother-load on this post) Last week I posted a teaser post  with a few snippets of my time in London on the Making of Harry Potter tour and over the next few weeks I will post a few more about Paris and one with our trip to London!! Hope y’all stay tuned 🙂
Oh! And before I forget…. meet the day players:
Kindel (left) my fashionista traveling companion & cousin, and Becca (right) my sassy baby sis & temporary Parisian. Okay, nowwwwwww we can get started 🙂

DAY 1 :
Arc de Triomphe / Ladurée / Champs-Élysées / Louvre

^^^gahhhhhhhhh!! These COLORS! Paris has the best colors.
My sister ladies and gentlemen….part time student, full-time photo-bombing extraordinaire^^^
Kindel and I flew into Paris around noon and after dropping our suitcases off at Becca’s apartment (complete with a surprise appearance by the hostess herself) we attempted to make the most of our first day and NOT let jet-lag get the best of us. Jet-leg did not win, however lack of wifi, direction, and a basic knowledge of the french language did win. We ended up being stranded and COMPLETELY lost in the largest subway station I have ever seen in my life, which as it turned out was about 5 stops past where we intended to be……….. Paris: 1, Katie & Kindel: 0. That was really the first of MANY navigation mishaps. Turns out, not knowing a single word of the native language of the country you’re visiting in can be a real problem. Who knew.About 45 minutes and many Euros later, we made it to the Arc de Triomphe. We snapped a few pics and made our way down the Champs. Our feet were pretty much dead at this point so we took our sweet time walking down the the street. We stopped at Ladurée, had a few macaroons (you know, as Parisians do) and continued down the street making our way towards the park in front of the Louvre where we met Becca for a quick bite. After awhile we went in the Louvre and pretty much made a beeline for our gal pals Mona (Lisa) and Venus (de Milo). Those were really the only things our feet could handle getting us to. Then we took a cab and headed back to the apartment for some MUCH needed sleep 🙂

DAY 2 :
Eiffel Tower / Musée Rodin Musée d’Orsay / Ladurée (again) / Notre Dame

^^^ this kid… Eiffel Tower? Over it.
^^^In my mind, this guy’s named Pierre and he’s worked in the same cafe his whole life and loves every minute of it
^^^She doesn’t always model, but when she does, it’s in front of foreign graffiti. #Fierce.
^^^Thinking as thinkers do
^^^Obviously Beyonce’s inspiration for Single Ladies^^^
^^^they don’t like butts (and they cannot lie). Good thing the Rodin was FULL of ’em!!
^^^like I said…professional photo-bomber
Day 2 was a busy one. We started the day walking around the Eiffel Tower (we went to the top later on in the trip), then we made our way towards the Rodin! There we walked around the garden, did some thinking (wink wink) for a bit before making our way to the Musée d’Orsay! Unfortunately by the time we got to the Musée d’Orsay it had closed (note to self, Paris museums close EARLY). But never fear!!! There was a hilarious street mime playing tricks on tourists that we sat and watched for a very entertaining 30 minutes. I got myself a crepe and we walked along the river making our way to another Ladurée, because when in Paris not only do you have 2 desserts in a span of 10 minutes, you also have them directly before you go to dinner…. #vacation.At Ladurée we had a macaroon sunday that was EXCELLENT and then we headed towards the oldest restaurant in Paris: Le Procope. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the restaurant or the food because 1. we ate everything before I could even think about snapping a pic and 2. A serious case of jetlag hit me right as we got there 🙁 But I will say it’s on my list to go back next time I’m in Paris because the food was TO DIE FOR. The best part of going on a trip with your family is that it’s understood that everyone orders something different so everyone at the table can try everything. And that’s exactly what we did as we basically ate our way through Paris. Le Procope is a laaaaarge cafe (which is very unlike the typical Paris cafe) and has history dripping off every surface. Opening in 1686, this place entertained the likes of Voltaire, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon, his hat is even displayed by the entrance!!! It is definitely a “must” for any Paris vacationer.  After dinner we moseyed on over to see the nearby Notre Dame lit up at night before heading home!So that’s it for Day 1 & 2! Stay tuned for Day 3 & 4, Versailles, and London!!
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