The One In Paris [ Day 3 & 4 ]

Last month I shared with you my adventures from the first few days of my Paris trip with my sister and cousin! Here is my second installment of the trip: days 3 and 4. This was about the half way point of the trip!! In the middle here my cousin and I took a trip to London (which will be my next blogpost) like I mentioned in the Harry Potter Tour post I did a few weeks back! But this post is all about our third and fourth day in Paris 🙂

DAY 3 :
Eiffel Tower / Sacré-Cœur / Montemarte /  Paris Opera House /  Shakespeare & Co.


Baha 😉

^^^ the photobombing queen strikes again ^^^
As you can see, day 3 was quite busy for us!! We started out the morning with about a thousand other tourists at the Eiffel Tower. Even though I had already done the whole elevator up the tower thing when I was 16, I gotta admit, it is still really impressive. If you ever visit Paris you gotta do it. It may be dumb and touristy, but there’s really nothing else quite like it. So after a morning on the tower we ventured out to the tallest hill in Paris: Montemarte! This was at the top of my list to do, mainly because we didn’t visit the last time I was in Paris. And let me tell ya, it did not dissapoint. This was definitely in my top 5 favorite things we did in Paris. Montemarte is a BEAUTIFUL area that doesn’t really feel like Paris, it’s more like the gorgeous French countryside just a little busier. When we arrived we went straight to the massive Sacré-Cœur, The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris. This place is not only beautiful but also FULL of life. In one moment I saw a new bride and groom taking wedding pictures, a Jamacian man dancing with his drum, and an entire German futbol team cheering and singing (loudly) all on the same step.

All walks of life here people, all walks of life. 

Then we ventured to the cutest little pink cafe on the planet, La Maison Rose for lunch! It was so nice to be able to sit on the street and people watch for a bit :). After lunch we wondered the cobblestone streets going nowhere fast. We then took the subway back towards the apartment stopping at the Paris Opera House along the way. Y’ALL this place is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! Unfortunately it was closed so we couldn’t take a peek inside, but we walked all the way around it and now all I want to do is watch Phantom of the Opera. We then made our way, albeit with more than a DOZEN wrong turns and getting lost in what felt like the worlds largest and most confusing subway station ever, to one of the other top 5 things on my list to see: The Shakespeare and Company bookstore. I’m a huge sucker for bookstores (remember this sweet find?) and this place was the perfect ending to a longgggggggg day. It was tiny and cramped, just like a good bookstore should be, and filled with books from floor to ceiling. Unfortunately pictures are not allowed inside, so these were the only few sneaky shots I could get 😉

DAY 4 :
Moulin Rouge

So by “Day 4” I really mean night 4…. Like I said earlier, after day 3 in Paris, my cousin and I took a trip up to London! But since we did have a FANTASTIC night after getting off the train from London I just had to share. Per our grandmother’s suggestion, we got all dressed up and went to see Moulin Rouge. Now this was definitely in my top 5 favorite things we did in Paris!!! It was the most hilariously fun show I think I’ve ever seen, probably most of that has to do with the fact that it’s entirely in French and we had no idea what was going on half the time, but that’s part of what made it so fun!! Also, in case you were unaware, this is not for the kiddos… But it’s still really fun for young adults and up! Beautiful costumes, killer voices, hilarious (and scary) stage magic, and more boobs than I ever thought I would see in one night haha. This was absolutely an experience none of us will soon forget.
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