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One thing you learn pretty quickly in LA is just how HUGE this place is. There are a million and one gems (and gyms) all around the city, and there’s just no way you will ever be able to discover them all.You also learn that traffic and parking is so horrendous that you gotta plan your adventures and take advantage of being in certain areas. So awhile back I had a sleepover at one of my best friends places in Culver City. Since I was already down in that area I decided to do a little window shopping in Venice!

Now I love Venice. I love everything about it. Some people may think it’s dirty or scary, but I think it has a lot of what I love about LA in one area. In Venice you can find the craziest, wackiest clothing store, next to a beautifully fun paper store, next to a voodoo shop, next to a Lemonade, next to a cool vintage bookstore, next to a store that thinks it’s ok to sell what basically looks like a copper coat hanger for about $950.00 ….you think I’m kidding, but that’s LA for ya, and that’s definitely Venice, CA for ya!

So while on a Sunday stroll, looking for nothing in particular, these are just a small small sampling of some of the cool places and things I found (before my phone died) along Abbot Kinney.


Any store that sells rubber chickens in bulk is a-ok in my book


I’ve already decided I will live here one day. Mark my words people, it will happen!!!

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