The One On A Road Trip Along The PCH [ Day 1 ]


pchWell, it took nearly 2 months but I finally did it folks! I finished editing all my photos from our Labor Day road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway, all 1,000+ of them! Don’t worry, I’m not sharing all of them with you, but it was an extensive 3 day road trip with as much crammed in as possible so the amount of photos I took was frankly pretty overwhelming, even to me. So I decided to break up it up into 3 separate posts, each chronicling what we did and where we went that day. Hopefully this will make it easier for you if you decide to do this same road trip, or even just venture to part of it!

This road trip has been on my bucket list since before I moved to California. I mean, who doesn’t dream of driving with the windows down listening to great music along America’s most scenic highway?! And y’all let me tell ya, it did not disappoint. Even though it was overcast half the time, the views were still indescribably beautiful. If When I do it again, I would take a day in each of the 10 (!!!!!) places we visited, and even longer in Big Sur. But as far as a 3 day road trip with 5 girls in 1 car, I think we did it the best 😉

On the first day, at the crack of dawn, we left my house in LA and drove to Solvang for breakfast. Then we headed towards San Luis Obispo for lunch + exploring the Madonna Inn! The first part of this day I had already done on a previous day trip seen here (Solvang) and here (SLO + Madonna Inn), but it’s always fun to adventure with new people! After our tummies were full we made our way to see the elephant seals at Pismo Beach and we would have stopped at Hearst Castle but because of all the fires they weren’t having any tours 🙁 We’ll just have to save that for another day trip! Then we started hitting the really really stunning part: Big Sur. I can’t talk about this place enough. I truly believe everyone should see it at least once in their life. We stopped at several lookouts along the way (it was just too beautiful not to stop!) and eventually made our way to McWay Falls! Then we checked in to our room at the Big Sur River Inn (which I highly recommend if you aren’t camping). We sat in the river (yes you read that right, see pictures below) and chatted for hours before having dinner at their restaurant! It was quite a packed first day, but all in all it was a GREAT way to kick off our trip!

Stop 1 – Solvang
img_486512theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-475 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-474theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-4721 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-471 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-470 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-469 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-467theonewhereimovetocalifornia-PCH theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-466 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-464 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-463theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-459-2theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-454 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-456theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-458

Stop 2 – random Zebras on the side of the roadtheonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-31theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-32theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-33theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-34 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-36 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-37 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-488

Stop 3 – Madonna Inn + SLO Gum Wall
theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-23 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-22 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-14 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-18theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-21theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-16theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-5theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-13theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-12theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-9theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-8theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-480theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-4 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-10theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-30theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-26theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-29theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-27theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-28theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-485theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-4861theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-4871theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-483theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-482

Stop 4 – Elephant Seals at Pismo Beach
theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-52 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-50 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-45theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-44 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-47 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-38theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-40

Stop 5 – PCH / Big Sur lookouts
theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-60 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-59img_5715img_5717img_5718 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-491 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-490 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-489 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-63img_4868theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-78theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-72theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-70theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-71theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-83theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-65theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-77

Stop 6 – McWay Falls
theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-90theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-92theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-88theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-98theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-99theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-96 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-94 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-102

Stop 7 – Big Sur River Inn
theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-512 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-509 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-507 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-508 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-511 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-503 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-505theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-500 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-492 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-493 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-105 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-106 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-108 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-107 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-116 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-117 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-109 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-110 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-112 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-133 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-118 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-119 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-136 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-125theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-1341 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-137 theonewhereimovetocalifornia-pch-138

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