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The One On A School Night

Maybe it’s just me… But sometimes I feel bad if I stay out too late during the week.

I also feel sneaky if I stay up too late watching TV during the week (I’m lookin’ at you Netflix).

Oh, and I’m 22, almost 23…

Really, even if I’m doing something harmless (not that I ever do anything harmful…that’d be weird) like hanging out with friends or going to a concert, if I’m out later than 9/9:30pm (grandma status, party of one) on comes the wave of guilt. All I can hear is my sweet mamas voice in my head “honey, it’s a school night!”.

On the flip side, when I’m up til 3am binge watching every episode of Freaks and Geeks for the hundredth time I’m thinking, “this is SO cool! Staying up late on a school night!” Obviously, come morning I wake to regret it and vow to go to sleep early the next night. But that never happens. Those precious 15 seconds between episodes get me every dang time.

I haven’t been in school for over a year, I don’t have homework or any tests I should be studying for. I do have work in the morning but that ends at 6pm, then I have the rest of the night to do anything.


I almost wish I had homework (almost people, almost) just so I could have a routine to fill my evenings. But then I remember what high school/college Katie realistically looked like on weeknights… It was a lot of me opening my books only to start daydreaming 2 minutes later of what my life would be like once I didn’t have “school nights”.

Ohhhh the irony.

I used to imagine I would meet up with friends and go out for dinner every night of the week, I’d go see a movie after work because hey, it’s a Wednesday, why the heck not? I would go shopping at all the cute boutiques I used to pass on the way to school, I’d go see that band in concert that I really really really really wanted to see. I. would. live.


Never once did I imagine I would be on a tiiiiight budget. Never once did I imagine gas would cost $4.45 a gallon hindering me from adventures. Never once did I imagine how tired work would actually make me.

But also, never once did I imagine how beautiful the California sunset would be on my drive home from work. Never once did I imagine coming home to the smell of crock-pot root beer ribs from my amazing roommate. Never once did I imagine having a Harry Potter night on the roof with some friends because hey, it’s a Wednesday, why the heck not?

Life may not look like what I thought it would when I was younger and desperately trying to imagine a life without math. Thank God I still remember that Pythagorean theorem though, can’t tell you how useful that’s been… But mostly, I’m glad my life hasn’t turned out as glamorous as I thought it would be by my early 20s. Because I know now this period of my life is building me, molding me into something great.

I love where I’m at right now. I know one day I will be able to afford going out to dinner every night of the week, but I also love knowing that when that day comes, I will remember what it was like not to have the money for that. And maybe instead I can spend that time/money doing something else.

And maybe by then I won’t think of it as staying out too late on a school night. But I don’t know, I kinda like having that feeling sometimes. Keeps me young 😉

(That being said… the day I can afford a yearlong pass to Disneyland will be a GREAT day).

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